Workplace health & safety

Health and safety in the workplace is so important. They do not only protect employees and minimise risks. They also help to retain valuable skills, increase productivity, and generally improve business outcomes.

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However, this doesn’t mean that workplace health and safety is the sole responsibility of business owners and managers. In fact legally, the management of health, safety and the wellbeing of those in the workplace is a responsibility that must be shared between workers and persons conducting a business or undertaking.

In Australia, there is a new Work Health and Safety Act 2011, which defines “health” as both psychological and physical, and states that by working together to manage health risks and maintain wellbeing within the work environment wherein business owners and workers can ensure that everyone working remains safe and healthy.

In the past few decades, the integration of effective and meaningful systems has been a priority in Australia for some time. In line with worldwide research, it was found that where workers have a mutual responsibility to actively support health initiatives and health and safety programs. That is the reason why they are more responsive and positive about healthy behaviour and changes in lifestyle.

Workers and management can help to create an environment where workplace health and safety is paramount. To learn more about workplace health and safety, you should read this important post from the Australian Government Website:

4 digital marketing tactics for local reach

The way businesses market their product and service has changed a lot and the trend continued to advance progressively and aggressively. While a lot of small to large businesses are still struggling to understand the in and outs of social media marketing, as well as hiring the right person for it and digging deep into the subject; a new hybrid of internet marketing called quickly making waves in the cyberspace – this new internet marketing hybrid is called Local Search Marketing.

Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Tools - New Market Intelligence Report

Before, local search marketing was not as well known as search engine marketing and social media marketing. However, many marketers start to realise its importance and the relative impact that it can do to small businesses in the geo positioning and social media aspect. Be following the trend, local search marketing has gone to be big

Do you know what local search marketing is? Local search marketing is a hybrid that consists of elements from search engine marketing, particularly in terms of improved search rankings. Then, the process is added with a little bit of geographical mapping placements with a zest of social media, along with pay per click (PPC) advertising, depending on the marketer’s advertising needs.

If you want to step up your local marketing strategy, there are four ways you can do according to Marketing Land’s columnist Megan Hannay. You can read Megan’s article here:

Starting your Business

We all know that running a business can be a life changer; it can bring you a lot of wealth if you are able to become a successful entrepreneur. However, there are still some people who are hesitant when it comes to taking a leap from employee to entrepreneur.

There are many valid reasons why starting a business is a good decision:

First of all, never again will you have to worry about being laid off, unemployed or fired for the rest of your life.  If you manage your own company, you become your own boss and you do not have to ask anyone for a pay raise. If your business can generate more sales, the more profit you will get.

Another advantage of having your own business is flexibility. If you run a business, especially if online, you can work anywhere and anytime you want. There are some people who decided that they no longer wanted to live where their business is so they decide to operate online. With a mobile phone, fax machine and laptop, they ran their business in Perth, Western Australia while they beached in Bali.

These are only some of the many benefits running your own business can give you. So if you want to start soon, you should first understand the things you need to start your business in Western Australia.

Read this:

Commercial Refrigeration Gasket Replacement: energy-saving tips for Perth Businesses

Having a commercial refrigerator can be a pleasant luxury or a critical necessity depending on the nature of business you operate. However, owning such type of appliance causes a substantial increase in electrical demands. In addition, refrigeration appliances are more difficult to maintain compared to other types of appliances used in home.

commercial refrigeration PerthAs a result, making sure that your commercial refrigeration units are running efficiently as possible is a must. This is also the reason why making sure that fridge gaskets is regularly maintained, especially to business owners. Moreover, regular check up and proper maintenance will keep the unit running with as little power draw as possible.

One of the most common reasons why your fridge consumes a lot of energy is when it has leaks. When we talk about leaks, it doesn’t only pertain to the tubes at the back of the unit. In most cases, the leakage occurs on the door. If you notice your door having moist, it is a clear sign of leakage. Hence, you need to replace the gasket to prevent mould and mildew to accumulate – these fungi grow in moist areas. Also, this will boost your appliance’s performance and help you save some money from your electricity bills.

Refrigeration units are a big investment so it is very important to take care of them properly. Proper care and maintenance are also a key element that helps you reduce your cost. If you would like to learn how to replace your gasket, here’s how:

DIY Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Maintenance

Choosing a good commercial refrigeration unit is an important aspect of any business in the catering and food preparation industry.

Having a set of reliable commercial refrigeration is a key component whether you are running a cafe, restaurant, hotel or coffee shop. Furthermore, refrigeration appliances are also used by industries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, flower suppliers and more.

When owning this kind of appliances, the most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that they are properly working all the time. Otherwise, it can affect the performance of your business.

To learn the proper care and maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment, you can watch the video below: