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In the past years, getting fit physically was only attributed to people whose jobs demanded high cardiovascular and muscular endurance like the members of the police and military. However across time, this perception of physical fitness has changed.

Physical fitness should be one of the main priorities in cities like Perth. It is sad and very alarming to know that that in today’s modern age, problems related to the growing number of epidemics, high mortality rates, short life spans, disease-stricken countries and many more still took their tolls. These issues propelled different organisations, including private and government, to launch programs that encourage people to practice healthy lifestyles.

Practicing active and healthy lifestyle would lead the community to become healthy in all aspects. The massive response over the mentioned problems indicates that Australians, particularly in Perth, have already taken seriously the importance of physical fitness.

What is being physically fit? It is basically being physically sound and healthy. It is about having a body that is free from diseases due to the essential vitamins and minerals that are taken in that result to having well functioning body systems. In addition to the nutrients our body need, physical fitness can also be achieved by taking exercises regularly which improves blood circulation, eliminates excess fats, and fights away harmful microorganisms that may come inside the body.

Societal changes have brought the realisation about the importance of physical fitness. Today, working out has already become a habit of many people.

In Perth, the city offers a range of weekly fitness classes. If you’re interested, you can go there before and after work, during lunchtime and on the weekends. There are instructors who will lead you through sessions lasting up to an hour. They will teach you exercises that are designed to keep you energised and active.

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